Imagine Faith Talk: Christ-Centered Coaching (IFT3C)

with Donovan Dee Donnell

Introducing Imagine Faith Talk

Christ-Centered Coaching (IFT3C) with Christian Life Coach and Author Donovan Dee Donnell. If you want to get on your game, then you need a coach. If you want to get good at your game, then you need a good coach. If you want to crush the game, then you need the greatest coach of all time. And the greatest coach of all time is Jesus Christ. There has been only one man to walk the earth that was able to reset 'time' itself. That man was Jesus Christ, the King of Kings who died, resurrected and ascended to heaven. And with the IFT3C process, you will learn to make faith in God the foundation for your success. When you utilize your imagination to partner with the God of all creation, your success is not only eminent, but guaranteed.


A good coach creates space for you to hear God’s voice.

A good coach recognizes that only you are in the best position to discern God’s activity and voice.

More importantly, a good coach will support you in listening deeply and carefully without creating spiritual discord which would detract you

from hearing God’s voice or your own.

If you are ready to be coached

on how to learn to partner with the highest power in the universe and get your life on the purpose-driven journey,

all you have to do is fill out the form below

and let God do the rest.

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